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If you use macOS and Office365, I have a quick Friday tip for you.

I use this combination myself, and I was a little annoyed that I have a local account with a local password on my Mac and a different account on the cloud. Itians don't like this much, they don't have it "under control", local accounts are hard to manage and users have another password to collect ...

Solution? Up to 10 users for free, then they will get you :-))

  1. JumpCloud - Add MFA option to login - similar to logging into your bank(TOTP or PUSH*), link and explanation of these crazy shortcuts is in the first comment
  2. The cool thing is that this will work for you even without Microsoft - it's basically like a cloud Active Directory
  3. Technically it can do a lot of other things like Cloud radius, MDM, but that's more for die-hard IT people than regular people.

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