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"Soul engineering in practice"

It's a carbon copy. Over and over again. First the solution and next time we'll have the whole story for those who like to read.

  1. It's really not normal when someone wants you to download something to your PC, mobile to help you with something remotely.
  2. You will never be asked to do that by Microsoft, cryptoburza, finance, post office or anyone else. ABSOLUTELY NOT! Except maybe your IT guy. Anyone who wants it, then TAKE NOTICE and pull the handbrake.
  3. Forget any good intentions on the other side. The tale of your forgotten cryptobubrze account with 0.5 Bitcoin sounds good, but hand on heart ...
    Say thank you and ask to be contacted in another way, ideally end the call as soon as possible (immediately). If it happens to be a valid request, someone will definitely get back to you
  4. They will press you, don't give in, however tempting it may be.
    Please share this with your parents, elderly, friends so they don't get sucked in. Talk to them about it!
  6. It doesn't concern me, I'm not an idiot! It affects all of us. Even my classmates have succumbed - IT majors.
  7. Everyone has a weak moment. When you screw up and the attacker is connected to you, try to turn off the PC as quickly as possible (hold the ba on/off button for about 3-5 seconds).
  8. It is possible that he will try more than once. Do not give in.

A classic reversal for the "disbelieving Thomas"

  • Use a different password for each service
  • Mobile PIN is not your year of birth
  • Don't work on an account that has admin permissions
  • Update your computers and then many more, I have already written about all the essentials

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