Next generation firewalls [NGFW]

Compared to traditional firewalls, which use only IP address and network port numbers to define rules and filter traffic without considering the actual content and application being transmitted, NGFWs provide many additional features that greatly enhance security.

NGFW can block advanced malware as well as many application attacks. You can also select the sandboxing feature on some models.

The leader among NGFWs is undoubtedly Fortinet [Fortigate] and Palo Alto. We have both of these manufacturers in our portfolio.

NGFW available for every company

We offer solutions that are affordable and suitable for small businesses from a few computers to solutions for really large and complex IT infrastructures.

Fast deployment time

Our team is able to deploy NGFW in a very short time

Matching price

Affordable solution even for smaller companies

Experienced team

A team of experienced administrators will be at your disposal. Most of our colleagues have over 15 years of experience in the IT world, but we have some young blood on the team.

How does NGFW deployment work?

Step 1

Free initial analysis / audit

During the initial analysis, we will determine your needs and habits and tailor the NGFW to your exact needs.

Step 2

Trial period 

During the first month we will fine-tune the firewall settings - free of charge in the delivery price.

Step 3

Routine operation and support

Our team of experienced IT administrators will be at your disposal.

Several reasons to deploy NGFW solutions

  • Significantly increase the security of your on-premise infrastructure
  • Design changes using best practices
  • 1 month trial period with evaluation

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