Backup & Disaster recovery

Backup is one of the most underrated areas in IT. Every business kind of hopes they have everything in order. The wake up call to reality comes when backups are needed.

Disaster recovery addresses scenarios of "running" your IT in another location.

We are Veeam Cloud & Service providers (VCSPs) and we also deliver solutions from Acronics and NinjaOne.

We also address immutable backups.

Another big topic is cloud backup of Microsoft 365 and Azure or Salesforce etc. We use technologies from Veeam, Synology, Arrow Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 and AvePoint.

We make quality and secure ICT solutions available to every company

Fast recovery time

We provide very fast recovery.

Kontrola na výdaji

We guarantee the delivery of appropriate technology that respects the size of the company and its budget. We also deliver services in MSP mode - monthly flat rate based on consumption including technology management.

Experienced team

A team of experienced administrators will be at your disposal. Most of our colleagues have over 15 years of experience in the IT world, but we have some young blood on the team.

How do backup and disaster recovery deployments work?

Step 1

Free initial analysis / audit

During the initial analysis, we will determine your needs and habits and tailor the service to your exact needs.

Step 2

Trial period 

During the first 2-3 months we will set up our cooperation to suit both parties. All without any obligations or risks on your side.

Step 3

Routine operation of the service including reporting

Every month our customers receive a report with all the details.

Efficient backup and DR (including cloud services)

  • Analysis and audit of the current situation
  • Proposal of changes using best practices
  • 1 month trial period with evaluation

ICT-GROUP a reliable Microsoft partner in the world of ICT

Do you need fine-tuned IT to support your business or just need help with a specific technology?

We can supplement your IT department with technicians with the necessary competencies or provide complete outsourced IT management including IT support.

We specialize in cloud solutions, cybersecurity including IT technology delivery and service.

Lenka will help you in every situation

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Lenka Krutinová

Managing director | ICT-GROUP

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ICT-GROUP provides lightning-fast IT support with a team of elite IT professionals your business can rely on. Whether you're working remotely or on-site, ICT-GROUP provides real-time troubleshooting, device-level, application-level, network-level security, and comprehensive IT management for a low monthly cost.

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