Outsourcing of IT specialists [roles]

We will provide you with an IT specialist who will add the necessary competence to your team of technicians.

This can be for just a few hours at a time, or we can agree on a regular collaboration. Our help must make economic sense for you.

Everything will be transparent. We are also able to act as a backfill for an IT specialist who has temporarily dropped out of your team.

We make IT specialists with the necessary competence available to every company

Financial savings

You will have an IT specialist for exactly the time you need him.

Competences [knowledge, skills]

You get an IT specialist with the competence you need,

No compromises

IT specialist without compromise and with experience.

How does outsourcing IT specialists work?

Step 1

Selection of a suitable IT specialist based on your requirements

We will help you to choose a suitable specialist who will suit you not only in terms of competence but also in terms of price. Remember the rule - You can not deliver any service cheaply, quickly and qualitatively.

Step 2

Personal or online meeting

You will verify that the candidate will have everything you require and also that you will be a good fit humanly.

Step 3

Signing a contract or order

In the contract, we define the terms of cooperation together.

What kind of IT specialists do we provide?

  • IT architect
  • Windows and Linux administrator
  • HW specialist
  • IT Security Specialist
  • Cloud Technology Specialist Microsoft 365 & Azure
  • Interim CIO / Interim CTO, IT Director, ICT Director

ICT-GROUP a reliable Microsoft partner in the world of ICT

Do you need fine-tuned IT to support your business or just need help with a specific technology?

We can supplement your IT department with technicians with the necessary competencies or provide complete outsourced IT management including IT support.

We specialize in cloud solutions, cybersecurity including IT technology delivery and service.

Lenka will help you in every situation

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Lenka Krutinová

Managing director | ICT-GROUP

Chat with an IT Expert

ICT-GROUP provides lightning-fast IT support with a team of elite IT professionals your business can rely on. Whether you're working remotely or on-site, ICT-GROUP provides real-time troubleshooting, device-level, application-level, network-level security, and comprehensive IT management for a low monthly cost.

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