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Here we go again, backing up. In my experience, everyone will tell me they've got it figured out. But then the reality often falls short, especially when the backup is needed.

What does the 3-2-1 rule + one extra recommendation mean.

  • I have at least three copies of my data
  • I store copies on two different media (storage devices)
  • I have one off-site backup
  • I have ensured that a potential attacker will not delete or encrypt my backups

Okay, and any explanations for non-ITs?

Having a total of three copies means that you should have at least two additional copies as backups in addition to your operational data.

What about the different media? Just make sure the devices don't have any common causes of failure. And what on earth is that? Don't store data on the same devices as operational data - store it on a dedicated NAS (network drive) backup, for example.

Off-site backup is probably obvious to everyone. Sometimes such a backup is referred to as an offsite backup.

And the bonus rule?

If your backup device can do it, then turn on snapshots, which, even if your backups are encrypted, will be able to take you back in time and maybe save the most important thing you have, your DATA.

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