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A backup that can't be deleted (changed) is your last resort against attackers and also against your own IT people or an attack from inside your organization.

What is an Immutable backup?
It is a backup that cannot be deleted or changed for a defined period of time (retention period). Not even if an attacker gets into the backup server.

A clever attacker, whether internal or external, will try to delete your backups as well. We know from experience that everywhere is backed up somehow, but quite often it is forgotten that compromising the infrastructure will result in an attacker having access to your backups.

At this point, jump to your IT and ask around to see if you have this somehow "spoofed".

Here are a few possible solutions:
Acronis Cyber Protect + Acronis Cyber Infrastructure

+ applicable for small and medium sized customers
+ Acronis Cyber Infrastructure is a free Acronis service option
+ Backup is at my server room/offsite location or any public or private cloud
- I have to believe they have it figured out

Veeam + backups are in the cloud
Veeam + Immutable S3 storage (Amazon)

+ Known and used technology in the country
+ Immutability is at the storage level (disk on Amazon)
+- Backup is again in the cloud

Veeam - backups are on its own server
Veeam + hardened Linux Repository

+ Known and used technology in the Czech Republic
+ Affordable in case you already use - Linux is free
- You will need a server + disks (not virtual) with the necessary capacity
+- Backup is at my server room/offsite location

LTO tape type WORM
Backup software + WORM tape (write-once, read-many)

+ It's a media-level mechanism = secure
+ Tapes can be stored in a vault
- Tapes cannot be overwritten
- Relatively sophisticated solution

Acronis Cyber Protect + Acronis Cyber Infrastructure


Veeam Immutable Backup

LTO WORM Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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