We have been dealing with mobile devices management since the times when there was no choice but BlackBerry (BB). We loved blackberries :-). Time is passing and the fate of the BlackBerry imperium seems to be uncertain. BlackBerry got a grip (at least a little bit) and it today offers BES12 system that enables to manage all commonly available platforms: Android and iOS.

We didn’t rest on our laurels and we can also offer to our clients the great Microsoft Intune.

If you are concerned with mobile devices management including all possible abbreviations like MDM, EMM, MAM, BYOD – we’re the right choice.

Microsoft Intune can finally be reassuredly one of the innovative leaders in MDM, MAM, EMM, BYOD.

It’s a bit too short for an ordinary mortal, but don’t worry about it. It is not essential, the important thing is that it works well and even better if you consider the Microsoft cloud (Office 365, Azure).

BlackBerry is a bit of nostalgia. We came across BlackBerry servers when they were affordable only for big firms and governmental institutions.

Times have changed and BlackBerry has probably lost the track… Nevertheless it currently offers BES12, a tough competition to today’s market leaders. Many clients of ours have changed their platforms and quite many remained loyal to blackberries.

We actually know a lot about BlackBerry servers. In case you are interested in this type of solution, I dare to say that you won’t find many firms with similar experience.