Here we go – IT guys doing marketing:-). There are some guys in our team you wouldn’t guess them to be IT experts. We just have good ideas. We can start with Facebook, Twitter or, let’s say, with a contest.

However, the most interesting thing for us is that it will bring you a fair advantage – money, customers or whatever is important for you. We stay true to this – there’s no point in doing things if you won’t make a profit or make yourself visible in any appropriate way.

Our boys will prepare for you a website application that will work great and they will think up everything. You can bring your own graphics or we can prepare it for you. It can be any client system e.g. voucher applying, finding out optometrists or whatever else.

We’ll think it up and deliver it to you. From time to time also with a tight deadline – but please do not “torture” us like this often – during weekends and in the evenings we try to relax and do sports and… just enjoy our lives.

We’re in our element in social networking, we offer you help and guidance.

No more fear of Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc.

We don’t like this abbreviation: SEO. It sounds like a spell, some “cool dudes” try to make voodoo out of it, but the reality is different, there is no voodoo :-).

Everybody would like to be the first at search results and that’s why they tend to believe that voodoo is the way. No, it is not.

We simply help you to get you more customers, more orders etc.