We will take care of you! I can, in good conscience, promise you this. Majority of our customers are long-term customers. We like to co-operate with people we know (whether personally or e.g. via Skype).

You can choose from the following list of services we provide. We are ready to inform you about our prices in personal or via phone. You don’t need to be afraid, we are not IBM nor are we some Joe Blow from next door :-).

Help Desk is offered only to our contracting customers. It is necessary to have a concluded agreement with our company. No need to be afraid of various flat rate fees. We operate both on the base of in advance defined flat rate payments and also, of course, on the base of monthly invoicing according to reported time sheet.

Every customer can choose, what is – from their point of view – the most suitable for them. You can reach our Help Desk from 8:30 to 18:00 on working days. Some customers have special demands regarding Help Desk availability – we are ready to suit your needs even in this way.

We will very probably answer your phone also during weekend or in the middle of the night but we are glad if this happens only in extreme situations – e.g. fire in the firm or a visit of your mother-in-law in the server room :-).

In case you don’t have your own administrator/team of administrators taking care of your employees, we can offer you support for your PC end-users.

Majority of requests is being solved via “TeamViewer”. It is simple, effective, everybody can make it. We save travel expenses, time spent in traffic jams and mainly, we can help you immediately.

We provide IT support for administrators. Even if your company has its own IT Administrator or maybe a team of administrators, it is not possible for one person to know everything :-). It is sometimes convenient to have some services supplied externally..

Whether it is a migration, an upgrade, a highly specialized system or just a consultation during a new system implementation, our “boys” are here for you.

We’ve got experience with the support of administrators in really big companies (Penny Market, CooperVision, Nespresso, Nestlé i.e.), also in small companies up to 30 people with only one IT guy 🙂 as clients often like to call him.

We run a supervision centre. We are able to recognize possible problems on the customer side or in our systems with no delay and that’s why we are able to find fast solutions.

We offer to our customers the monitoring service of important servers, services etc. The information regarding a problem can be sent not only to our administrators but also to selected employees of the customer.

We’re not entirely happy with the word “consultation”. Some customers order us for “a chat”. In practice it means important meetings to make decisions on a purchase of new systems, important changes etc.

We also attend regular meetings of some customers. Despite the fact that the business dress code is not exactly our cup of tea if you wish we are able to deliver you a properly dressed “consultant”.. :-).