We have prepared a comprehensive overview of what we do. The longer we take care of our clients' IT, the closer we get to the fact that LESS IS MORE. Let us help you with what we can do and where we are good. If you need something different, we'll be happy to recommend great people or companies in our area.


We provide IT support to end users as well as IT administrators and corporate IT departments. We operate a monitoring centre.

We specialize in support of branches of international companies. We provide support for the client's internal IT department or we also often replace local IT that the branches lack. Our typical client is in the Healthcare sector.

Are we a small client for you?
One-man-show is not our typical client, but there is the occasional one. We typically cater to companies with 10+ active users.

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We specialize in HP Enteprise & Aruba Networks infrastructure.

In the Czech Republic we started with Aruba Networks before they were acquired by HPE, we were there to design and deliver one of the largest campus networks in the country. At Strahov they have a solution from us with over 300 APs and a controller in high availability.

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We protect and monitor our clients' infrastructures, whether they are on-premise, cloud-only or hybrid solutions.
We are an MSP. We typically deliver solutions that are billed monthly or annually based on the number of active users. We can deliver this security solutions:

Password management:
- LastPass Enterprise - a team-based password storage solution.

EDR/EDR antivirus solutions:
- Sophos, Bitdefender or Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

- Fortinet, PaloAlto

RMM solutions:
- NinjaOne, Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Identity + 2 Factor Authentication:
- Duo-Security, JumpCloud

3-Party Product Updates:
- Scappman, NinjaOne

Vulnerability management:
- Tenable

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We specialize in Microsoft Azure & Microsoft 365. If it makes sense, we are happy to offer you a Private Cloud solution as well. Hybrid environments, Azure Virtual Desktop, Conditional access, Azure sentinel. These are the products and solutions we use.

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A complete solution for secure IT, at a clear upfront monthly price. Secure: DEVICES, EMPLOYEE & IDENTITY, BACKOFFICE & DATA & BACKUP
HACKER PROTECT is our own product that we are constantly developing. If you don't want to worry about anything, this is the perfect product for you.,

You get a secure certified solution at a clear upfront monthly price including all support.

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We listen, we hear, we listen again to your problems, and then we solve them. We have several clients where we act as interim CTO. Normally this is an interim role, waiting for a suitable internal CTO to come on board.

We have been in several companies for a long time. Typically these are clients where our services are more cost effective than an in-house CTO. Typical rates start at 35,000 CZK/month.

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