We have been dealing with mobile devices management since the times when there was no choice but BlackBerry (BB). We loved blackberries :-). Time is passing and the fate of the BlackBerry imperium seems to be uncertain. It actually looks like even Android can run on BB… BlackBerry got a grip (at least a little bit) and it today offers BES12 system that enables to manage all commonly available platforms: BlackBerry 10, Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

We didn’t rest on our laurels and we can also offer to our clients the great MobileIron and Cortado Corporate Server.

If you are concerned with mobile devices management including all possible abbreviations like MDM, EMM, MAM, BYOD – we’re the right choice.

MobileIron was established in 2007 with the idea that future lies in mobility – that it is not only a supplement or a part of current infrastructure. In MobileIron they believe that mobile devices will soon become a basic working tool and a means that will provide employees with secured access to important firm data and to applications independently of the operational system in use.


The basic architecture of MobileIron platform consists of MobileIron Core, MobileIron Sentry, MobileIron Client and products used by end customers. MobileIron was designed for security and management of mobile devices, applications in use and contents. At the same time, it provides the possibility of free choice of a device for their users, the separation of business and private environment and an easy management.

MobileIrone Core:
It enables IT department to define security level, set-up and management of politics in the area of mobile applications, contents and devices. Core can be upgraded by means of API interface for integration using the offered technologies of Alliance Partners.
MobileIron Sentry:
The in-line gate that manages, encrypts and provides communication between a mobile device and “back-end” enterprise systems. Sentry pays attention to three basic needs of customers: mobile security, scalability and user experience.
MobileIron Client:
End-users can download the application and automatically set the device so that it can work in the enterprise environment. This setting fits the configuration and security requirements defined by IT department. MobileIron Client enables to prevent a leak of sensitive enterprise data and to protect applications.

Mobile security:

MobileIron promotes the idea that mobile security should be invisible for end-users. This must not happen at the expense of enterprise data protection.

Industrial solutions:

Given the variability of mobile devices, IT calls for a platform for enterprise mobility management capable to support end-users and devices at the level of fast-developing mobile operational systems. Companies using the MobileIron platform have, regardless of their size, a chance to offer to their end-users any mobile device that is ready to be used both for private and business purposes.

MobileIron is available as a “on-premise” solution and also as “MobileIron Cloud” – solution in cloud.

BlackBerry is a bit of nostalgia. We came across BlackBerry servers when they were affordable only for big firms and governmental institutions.

Times have changed and BlackBerry has probably lost the track… Nevertheless it currently offers BES12, a tough competition to today’s market leaders. Many clients of ours have changed their platforms and quite many remained loyal to blackberries.

We actually know a lot about BlackBerry servers. In case you are interested in this type of solution, I dare to say that you won’t find many firms with similar experience.

We know Cortado Corporate Server especially thanks to our partnership with ThinPrint (Cortado). Apart from common functions that every MDM product can do, it provides also printing from mobile devices. We are happy to show you the product in practice.